EU-USA agreement on the use and transfer of PNR to the US Department of Homeland Security

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Frank Engel (PPE ). – Madam President, after an hour and forty minutes of debate, I still have the impression that this agreement, unfortunately, does not have much to do with either security or protection of privacy but has much more to do with creating a European legal framework for the enforcement of US PNR practices.
There is no doubt that the United States can act as it wishes with respect to what it requires of somebody who enters its territory. It is up to those who want to enter its territory to decide whether or not they want to comply with that. There is also no doubt that the United States will go to any length to obtain what it seeks – and that is where our problems lie, because we are dealing with an executive agreement in this particular case.
Most unfortunately, the United States does not have a Lisbon Treaty conferring upon the Senate or Congress the unconditional right to ratify international agreements that the United States enters into. This one is entered into by the President of the United States and cannot – and will not – either create or confer rights that do not already exist under current US law.
As sorry as I am – for myself and also for my group, without whom I have to vote today – I cannot give my consent to an agreement which does not change what currently happens because it cannot do so. With this agreement, nobody will stand in line any less long than they currently do. With this agreement, nobody will be treated any better at a border crossing point in the United States than they currently are; and, indeed, nobody will have any sort of better data protection than they currently have. In case of need, the United States will just have to say that the sort of redress sought by a European citizen is not allowed by current US law. I am sorry, but I cannot agree to this.
- Thursday, 19 April 2012


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