"I want to be part of a Christian democracy that accepts the secular state!"

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I am sick and tired of seeing 5 billion Euros go every year to essentially make a few people close to Mr. Orban richer. And for the rest … the Hungarian economy is probably glad that 700 000 people left Hungary over the last 10 years, otherwise those 700 000 would be in the country, unemployed. The only reason why the unemployment is where it is not because of the prowess of the government, it's because people have voted with their feet. Now what happens with the money? Enormous billboard campaigns against Brussels, against the Commission, against the Parliament, against the President, and of course against Soros on the sidelines, but that's not really relevant in the Brussels context, except if we take into consideration that Mr. Orban is accusing us all of doing Mr. Soros' bidding. The only thing I know is … I never had a study grant from him – other people apparently did.
Today Mr. Orban is even behaving more like the leader of a sect than ever before. It's only about religion, the right to form a family, the nation, and shutting the other out. Among the many mails we got, there was one from Pastor Iványi, who I believe once married Mr. Orban. I don't believe he is less good at religion and Christianity than Mr. Orban is. Pastor Iványi is not feeling comfortable any longer. And I am not comfortable with this discourse! The Christian democracy that I want to belong to, is a Christian democracy that accepts the secular state! What Mr. Orban is doing in Hungary is dangerous, but the Hungarians seem to vote for him, let them go on doing that, but we will vote for something else tomorrow, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Frank Engel

Député européen

Né le 10 mai 1975, Luxembourg

Groupe du Parti Populaire Européen
Membre du bureau

Parti chrétien social


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